It will be the third Ukrainian Blockchain Day on October 15 in Kiev. The conference again will bring together the world experts in the field of blockchain and crypto-currency at the NSC “Olympic” stage. More than 1000 visitors received knowledge, acquaintances, and ideas for the development of their business one year ago. The international platform Blockchain Day , within the framework of which the event takes place, unites professionals from all over the world and is created for the purpose of networking, training, exchange of experience and cooperation.

This time everything will be even bigger! The most current news and personal communication with speakers and opinion leaders.

Ukrainian Blockchain Day conference is divided into three sections :

  • 2017 – is a breakthrough period for blockchain technology We will look at the most important developments and milestones in the Blockchain and Crypto ecosystem.

– Bitcoin Price Surges

– Ethereum Ecosystem Explodes

– ICO Funding Takes Off

#######- The significant diversity of market

– Bitcoin Uncertainty

  • 2018 – is the crypto recognition by businesses, state authorities, and the financial world.

– Who are the leaders of the market?

– What markets are still free and will need development of blockchain instruments?

  • 2019 – is the challenges and forecasts for the development of technologies and cryptocurrencies.

– How will two worlds — traditional banking and crypto — coexist frictionlessly?

– How will the user experience, wallet management, and other key factors influence the usability of blockchain?

– Will decentralized applications need to focus on their user experience and will the ecosystem needs to invite designers, product thinkers and researchers into the field?

Organizers of the Ukrainian Blockchain Day prepared for you:

  • Networking. We will surprise you with the variety of networking tools that will improve the quality and quantity of received dating.
  • Speed ​​mentoring. Business meeting with the potential partner in a short period of time
  • Technology Market. A revolutionary way of dating for successful professionals.
  • The opportunity to touch the reality, where the blockchain connects with other innovative technologies: drones, artificial intelligence, robots, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, Internet of things, genetics and big data.
  • Afterparty. After the conference, participants will have a party where they will not only have a great time, but they will also be able to make useful acquaintances and communicate informally with opinion leaders.

Changes in this innovation sphere are so fast: 2017 was the year of bitcoin. 2018 is the year of blockchain and smart contracts. Will 2019 bring mass adoption? Come to the Ukrainian Blockchain Day and you will find out the answer to the question.

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