Personalisation is the key to a sports betting operator cutting through the clutter of an incredibly competitive sector, according to Itai Zak, the chief executive of interactive sports betting solutions and services provider SBTech.


In a session during the Betmarkets conference at ICE Totally Gaming today (Wednesday), Zak said that a tailored approach to marketing and customer management is essential given that numerous operators provide similar sports betting markets. “The key is to differentiate, but the question is how you do it,” Zak said. “You need to offer personalisation – in other words, exactly what they want.


“For example, if it is someone from Italy, you should offer Italian football games, or if you know that someone likes betting on Arsenal, you should highlight the opportunity to bet on Arsenal matches. “They also need to be able to find what they are looking for very quickly. So it is about simplicity and personalisation.”


Zak also said that functionality across multiple platforms can help a sports betting provider to stand out from the crowd. “An operator needs to have a proper multi-channel strategy,” he added. “Today every player is using multiple devices. They are starting the day on a smartphone, using a PC at work, a smartphone on the way home from work and then a tablet in the evening.


“So with every device, you need to offer the best user experience. I have seen a lot of operators who offer services that are not really customised for mobile, but that is something that you have to get right.” More broadly speaking, Zak said that the whole customer experience – from allowing easy navigation through to paying winnings immediately – can drive popularity. “We can always develop unique and innovative new things in sports betting and the challenge is to create the right mix between different products,” he added.