This year’s La Fleur’s annual Conference in Canada took place on 26-27 June in Montreal, bringing together more than 200 industry experts. The Conference focused on the customers and their relation to the entertainment industry, demonstrating that entertainment is a creator of emotions and experiences.

Acting as a speaker in the Conference, GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi, highlighted that sports betting is a tremendous vehicle for innovation and enhancement of a new and more engaging gaming customer experience. Ludovico stressed that new industry macro trends show how sports betting has been a key factor in the acquisition of new gaming customers, in particular millennials and young adults.

Through betting, in fact, the growth of sports digital entertainment will further benefit other business verticals especially if we look at how web and mobile are performing vs traditional retail products. The digitalisation of Retail Location and a Customer Centric Approach are playing a strategic role in driving the innovation trends.

Ludovico also took this opportunity to highlight that on no account should sports betting operators compromise on responsibility. On this occasion, Ludovico referred to the GLMS Code of Conduct on Sports Betting, which – in line with the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions – includes clear and concrete guidelines towards a responsible and sustainable sports betting offer and operations.