Egypt’s National Anti-Doping Organization (EGY-NADO) has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sportradar Integrity Services – the world’s leading supplier of sports integrity solutions.

In the joint interest of protecting and maintaining the integrity of Egyptian sport, this MoU will enable EGY-NADO and Sportradar to cooperate on investigations into breaches of the Anti-Doping Code and other sporting integrity matters. The agreement will enable both the exchange of information and expertise, and offers the opportunity for collaboration on joint projects to strengthen the fight against doping and sporting corruption.

Speaking about the agreement, Dr. Osama Ghoniem, CEO of EGY-NADO, said: “The importance of information gathered through intelligence within Anti-Doping investigations cannot be understated. Entering this cooperation, our Anti-Doping programmes are further strengthened by having access to the information, analysis and insights which Sportradar can provide us, and we foresee a great opportunity to work together and implement joint projects to help safeguard Egyptian sport in the years to come.”

Dr. Anja Martin, Director Anti-Doping Services of Sportradar, added: “We look forward to working alongside EGY-NADO in the coming years and playing our part in helping to uphold the high integrity standards of Egyptian sport. We anticipate many mutual benefits arising from this cooperation with one of the leading Anti-Doping organisations in Africa, and we will be ready from day one to offer any assistance we can into investigations via our intelligence experts specializing in the Anti-Doping field.”