The betting market in Germany is growing with, over 6.4 million people, between the ages 18 and 65 being interested in sports betting. Within the relevant target group, over a quarter bet on sport regularly – predominantly on football matches.

At the same time, transparency plays a central role in choosing a betting provider. 74% of betting enthusiasts consider transparency and trustworthiness of a provider as “very important.”

These results come from a study that was conducted by SmartBets, in co-operation with the well-known market research company Nielsen Sports. The study underlines that the German sports betting market is very heterogeneous – in it there are various betting providers, with different offerings, which often leads to a lack of understanding in regard to terms & conditions.

Jesper Søgaard, CEO of Better Collective: “With this research study we wanted to take a closer look at the very fragmented and complex structures of the German betting market. In addition, we wanted to find out what drives people to place a bet or keeps them from betting. The results show people need objective information to make an informed betting decision.”

These findings underline SmartBets’, the odds comparison site, approach that allows the user to not only find the best odds among numerous providers, but also offers comprehensive insights, as well as team and match analysis. With this information, the users have easy and fast access to the most valuable information about each game.

Marcell Jansen named SmartBets ambassador

To support the market launch in Germany, SmartBets was able to sign a very prominent face of the football world. With the new Bundesliga season getting underway, former Germany international Marcell Jansen is going to support the brand as an ambassador.

“I am really looking forward to the cooperation with SmartBets. The brand wants to create transparency in the betting market.

“I really like that approach. In addition, since I am currently involved in multiple business ventures and am very interested in the topic “Data-Driven Business”, I can really identify with this young and dynamic company.”

During the upcoming season, Jansen is regularly going to present interesting insights and statistics to his fans on Facebook and Twitter, ranging from Bundesliga topics, to Champions League and national team games.

CEO Jesper Søgaard said: “Marcell is a very charismatic person who enjoys a very strong support from his fans. He embodies the values that our brand is all about, authenticity and trustworthiness. His experience and expertise as a professional football player makes Marcell the ideal ambassador for SmartBets.”