The Cash-Recycler-Compact completes the cash handling range

GeWeTe is the recognised provider of the highest quality change machines to the Italian market. GeWeTe, as the company within Germany’s Gauselmann Group responsible for change machine solutions in the amusement, gaming and casino markets, sets the standards for quality and choice.

GeWeTe is firmly established in Italy with its own long-standing subsidiary there. GeWeTe made full use of the ENADA Rimini that took place between 16th and 18th March to introduce a new highlight for Italian operators – namely the further-developed Cash-Recycler-Compact. This stylish and compact change machine has all that an AWP operator requires for coin and banknote changing. The bulk feed entry enables players to put in up to 200 coins at a time (for example their winnings) in exchange for notes. For players wishing to change notes into coins, the Cash-Recycler-Compact enables them to put their coin cup inside this machine for increased comfort. The coin capacity of approximately 5,500 euros and the in-built banknote recycling make the Cash-Recycler-Compact the ideal change machine for arcades and bars. The new integrated touchscreen makes it even simpler for the players (and the operators themselves) to use. Furthermore, it is important to state that as with all GeWeTe change machines, the Cash-Recycler-Compact is made 100% at the GeWeTe headquarters in Mechernich, Germany.

GeWeTe has the right solution for each and every application, so the Cash-Recycler-Compact was naturally joined by further specialised change machines on the GeweTe stand. A further example is the Cash-Recycler that incorporates a much greater capacity for coin (up to 27,000 euros) and banknote (up to 2,800 banknotes) changing. This then proves once again that GeWeTe provides the right solutions for each market segment – from the small bar to the large VLT slot hall.

The established Italian GeWeTe team ensures that local service is available to Italian operators. “It is the combination of the highest quality products and the excellent service that makes us stand out”, explained Mr. Aristidis Tsikouras, Managing Director of GeWeTe. “Our change machines are built to last. We have over twenty years in experience in development and producing change machines. Our security and quality are a testimony to this. When analyzing the return on investment, operators are looking more to GeWeTe, as they know that our made-in-Germany technology offers ultimate security and we have the local team here in Italy to support the market. GeWeTe is the trusted name for change machines”.