Gambee’s upcoming landmark debut at the 25th edition of SAGSE Buenos Aires will unveil the latest, modernized GP series and its tools and features. Casino professionals and interested visitors will be able to experience a 12seater with two, simultaneous wheels betting and a progressive jackpot game. ‘Visitors of this year’s SAGSE Buenos Aires will have no doubt about Gambee’s unique role in the industry,’ said Simon Pintar, Gambee’s Marketing Manager. ‘Our company’s gaming entertainment legacy is evidently backed by an operational stability and dedication to product quality that engenders confidence in the global gaming market. Thru the years Gambee consistently demonstrates its commitment to delivering reliable value, innovation, and high performance, which creates trust in quality products all over the world,’ affirmed Pintar.
‘Our software and hardware developments thru the years are where players and operators are still focused. The combination of innovative upgrades, total modularity and quality perfection make it so, that our market shares are rapidly increasing. It is the first time that Gambee attends SAGSE and we are all very keen in providing extra added value of our services to the Argentinian gaming industry with personalized configurations and performance reliable products as such as GP series is. With our deep commitment to customer service and a clear vision of the future, Gambee stands ready to help its customers attracting players and keeping them engaged. Our expectations are therefore high as we target to get all major opportunities in the neighbouring countries beside Argentina.’
Gambee prides itself with providing exceptional service and product collection for casino operators and street market venues. ‘Our product is fully modular and can be personalized to its core. Gambee throughout the years mastered the game of the American Roulette. The GP series is the best performing machine in Columbia and the Caribbean’s that is why we decided to offer our unique versatility to a wider-range of Latin markets. Gambee is entering in Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina with confidence.’

GAMBEE by PROIZBIRA d.o.o. is a company that draws on more than 15 years of experience in developing products for the gaming industry. The company Proizbira d.o.o. is specializing in gaming, development, production and marketing. Its mission is to become a global brand known for its high quality – unique design Electronic Table Games and slot machines. The products of Proizbira d.o.o. Company are currently marketed under GAMBEE brand. The key products of the company are:

– GP series electronic roulette family of products (compact 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12-seats roulette with single or double wheels, or multi station machines with automated and live roulette wheels;
– GT series a small, compact and affordable 4-seats roulette machine;
Simon Pintar finished, ‘Attendees are welcome to visit our booth number 318 at SAGSE Buenos Aires at the Costa Salguero Center, from 7-9 November in order to explore all Gambee’s novelties in 2017.’
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